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Max Damage and the Alien Attack is the latest Arcade Slot from Microgaming Software for the month of September, 2012. Casino Action has continued with its focus on action packed slot games with this great game that takes you back to the space invaders years. Max Damage and the Alien Attack, which is themed along the space invaders game, simply allows you to win real money for playing an arcade game. Unlike the retro space invaders of yesteryear Max Damage and the Alien Attack features ground breaking graphics of the highest level, superior game control and superb sound. Players familiar with Space invaders will immedietley recognise the vertical scrolling screen where Alien ships advance and attack the players ship appearing from various corners of the screen with varying speeds.

Casino Action has a Happy Hour bonus where you get $£€1250 for 1 hour. You play the  $£€1250 for 1 hour and donot need to make a deposit at all. You can watch the Happy Hour Bonus instructional video to get a better sense of how you can immedietely start winning. The Happy Hour Bonus is the latest in no deposit bonus innovation and allows the player to keep a portion of what they win above and beyond the  initial $£€1250 they started playing with.
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Max Damage and the Alien Attack Arcade Slot Review

In Max Damage and the Alien Attack, you get 6 lives to play over 9 levels. At the end of each level, you either get to fight an end of stage boss or go to a freebie section, which plays like free spins, where you win prizes for shooting alien ships. Big Bosses are on levels 3, 6 and 9 and you can earn up to 110,000 coins for defeating them. In Max Damage there is none of the usual slot features of scatters, reels, paylines and wilds. Instead, special features comprise extra lives, super power boosters, ship upgrades and extra levels. Bonuses during game play come in the form of artillery such as high powered missiles, nukes and shields and you earn up to 40,000 coins for collecting them. You can set your bet amount and coin size just like on a regular slot and this will work as your bet up to the end of the level or before you die. If you die you can set a new bet and coin size.

How to play Max Damage and the Alien Attack Arcade Slot

In Max Damage destroying ships *costs* 20 coins, this is equivalent to losing your bet when you lose on a slot machine spin but at the same time destroying ships can also reveal coins which is equivalent of winning a spin on a slot machine. Use the space bar to shoot and the arrow keys to move from left to right.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack Arcade Slot Strategy

 1. Take your time the game is not timed

2. Use Auto fire in the earlier rounds and use manual fire in the later stages

3. Try to avoid getting stuck in a corner.


Watch the real money  game play  video below on a £20 bet



Max Damage features a leaderboard just like in your old school space invaders games. The Leaderboard shows who has acquired the most points throughout the game and features everyone from all over the world.

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