Caster Semenya wins the Olympic Silver medal in the Women’s 800m final

caster semenya 2012 silver medalistCaster Semenya, South Africa’s Olympic champion and golden girl, has won the Silver medal for the Women’s 800m, beating the Ekaterina Poistogova who took the bronze medal. Mariya Savinova took the gold medal.

Amidst the furore of Caster’s ambiguous gender over the past couple of years, and being the subject of controversy and humiliation with ongoing gender tests, she has emerged victorious and brought the silver medal home for her mother country, South Africa. On being asked about her ambitions in previous interviews, she described her return to the sport as a “new beginning” and simply stated, “I want to win the Olympics and break the world record”. Her hopes of bringing home the gold medal for her national hero Nelson Mandela, was dashed as Mariya Savinova snatched up the gold medal. Semenya, who left her former coach Michael Seme last year, was delighted when her idol Maria Mutola, the 2000 Olympic champion, agreed to coach her. She said that joining up with Mutola re-energised her career. On interviewing Mutola about training Caster for the London Olympics, she said “Caster just needs to take the last steps to be a professional athlete. I want to use all my experience to help her to understand what it means to be on the top. It is much easier to get to the top than to stay there.”

Sports betting houses, including William hill had pitted Semenya as the favorite to win with 8/13 betting odds on her winning the Gold medal.

Indeed, Caster Semenya has managed to overcome great obstacles and has emerged victorious from this extraordinary saga as an Olympic silver medal winner.

Well done, Caster Semenya, we’re still proud of you!


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