Euro 2012 Final Italy vs Spain Best Betting Odds Guide

Euro 2012 Final   |   Spain v Italy: Sunday 19:45 – live on BBC One and ITV1

After Mario Balotelli stunned the Germans, the Mighty Azzurri secured a place in the Euro 2012 Final against a well rounded Spanish squad.

So far its looking like the bookies are all predicting a Spain win but the bookies have been wrong before. The bookies were all predicting a German win for the Semi Final against Italy but boy did they get it wrong. So choose wisely because right now the Italians are looking pretty damn good.

See betting odds below:

William Hill Odds

90 Minutes

Spain 10/11 e.g stake 20 win 42

Draw 21/10 e.g stake 20 win 62

Italy 11/4 e.g stake 20 win 75

Balotelli to score and Italy to win in 90 minutes 7/1 e.g stake 20 win 160

Iniesta to score and Spain to win in 90 minutes 7/1 e.g stake 20 win 160

Bet365 Odds

Spain 2.20 e.g stake 20 win 24

Draw 3.10 e.g stake 20 win 44

Italy 3.75 e.g stake 20 win 55



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18 responses to “Euro 2012 Final Italy vs Spain Best Betting Odds Guide”

  1. Broadway star says:

    I am so glad that I bet on Spain. My boyfriend kept telling me to bet on Italy because of their win against the mighty Germans. Guess the win over the German side was a fluke. Go Spain!

  2. June says:

    Too bad I only saw this article after the final game 🙁

  3. CrimminsBargo says:

    Hello, Neat post. I was too late to place a bet. But an awesome win for Spain. They deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. B Liss says:

    Extremely helpful info especially the last part 🙂 Too bad I lost my bet on Italy.

  5. Ursula Sanatonio says:

    A very disappointing loss for the Italian team. Great job, well done to the Spanish boys. So glad that I bet on Spain. What a win!

  6. Arabic do or die says:

    Very great post. I also bet on Italy and what a bad decision that was.

  7. Hays Dreiling says:

    Can’t believe that Italy lost. The win against Germany must’ve been a fluke. Where was Balotelli in the finals?????????

  8. Rossell says:

    Fantastic beat ! What a good win by Spain. This is what I call REAL football!

  9. B Willmon says:

    Hello there, I bet on Italy but lost. Too bad I guess! Hope to have better luck next time!!!

  10. The real Turkish says:

    The Azzuri were such a joke. Never bet on Italy, that’s throwing money away.

  11. Hugh Masters says:

    A big disappointment from the Italian side! They surely cracked under the pressure of the Spanish side.

  12. Tussers53 says:

    Don’t be such haters. Italy did give it a good go in the finals.

  13. Collman64 says:

    Go Italyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hunter69 says:

    So glad that Spain won! I was right all along!!!!! Viva Spain!!

  15. Talford020 says:

    Yeah!!!!! Go Italy, GO Balotelli!!!!!!!!

  16. Mignon.Ola55 says:

    I bet on Spain, glad I did that because they won!!!! Awesomeness!

  17. Ace of spades says:

    Come on guys, Balotelli tried, but didn’t succeed in scoring anything. He was so upset after that match. He needs to go for anger management classes! Sheesh…..

  18. TheRealSlimShady789 says:

    Can’t wait for Euro 2016! Wonder who will be the title holders then…….. Hope Italy get their chance some day!

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